Most athletes are on the lookout for ways to train more effectively, improve performance, prevent
injury, and recovery quickly. With heavy training schedules and little time for rest, athletes have
recently been among the biggest users of massage therapy services.

Whether your game is at pro or amateur level, you still have to move your body within the laws of
gravity. The myofascial or connective tissue system that innervates your entire body acts as a
web-like wetsuit. Whatever sport you play, regardless of the movement or direction, your body
likely has movement or postural restrictions. When you move your body's entire
myofascial wetsuit moves with you and so do the restrictions.

Layers of connective tissue can form adhesions that create postural imbalances that will
eventually limit your range of movement and slow you down. In a competitive sporting industry,
can you afford to be limited by your body's hidden restrictions?

Mark's ability to assess and enhance the body's bio-mechanics through
Structural Integration Therapy and isolated stretching techniques helps to create optimal athletic
performance and assists in the recovery and, most importantly, the prevention of injuries.  

Call today to set your appointment and experience Advance Massage & Bodywork's
unparallelled excellence of Structural Integration Sports Massage.

* Mark served as the Massage therapist the Saint Louis Athletica during its existence in the
Woman's Professional Soccer league.
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