The series of 10 is a systematic series of bodywork treatments designed to treat the whole body
over the course of 10 sessions.

Structural Integration treatments, in series format, is a continuous process of opening, shifting,
unfolding, and organizing of the body segments and brings the client into an increased sense of
wholeness.  The time in-between sessions allows the body to integrate the new information or
changes that were experienced in the session.

Each session of the series of 10 :
  • has a specific goal to accomplish
  • builds upon the last session
  • prepares the body for the next session.

Session 1: Opening the sleeve (freeing breath & superficial fascia)
Territory: ribcage, sternum, shoulders, neck; lateral pelvis/leg & hamstrings

Session 2: Support (establishing relationship to the ground)
Territory: feet, lower legs, and knees

Session 3: Lateral line (creating front/back dimension)
Territory: neck, arms/shoulders, torso, pelvis, thighs and knees

Session 4: Medial line (building up core support and strength)
Territory: ankle, knees, medial thigh, pelvic floor

Session 5: Anterior line (visceral organization and core activation)
Territory: front of the legs, abdomen, diaphragm, ribs & sternum

Session 6: Posterior line (creating a poised vertical line of symmetry)
Territory: posterior ankle, calves and thighs; gluteals, deep rotator muscles, sacrum, spine (lower
and upper back)

Session 7: Adaptability (balancing the neck & head on the spine)
Territory: chest, shoulders, neck, jaw, cranium

Session 8: Structural Integration (stability and adaptability)
Territory: girdle that shows more restrictions (upper or lower girdle)

Session 9: Functional Integration (contralateral movement)
Territory: girdle that shows less movement (upper or lower girdle)

Session 10: Final integration & closure (horizontal lines)
Territory: ankles, knees, hips, diaphragm, neck, cranium
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Series of 10
Series of 10
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